A Place for Play

The new Early Learning Centre to be added to existing Carlton Primary School will promote learning through play while highlighting the bond between kids & nature as a way of emphasizing the positive benefits of biophilic principles. To accentuate these benefits as well as connect users to the direct natural environment on site, existing trees and figurative representations of topography will be incorporated throughout the interior and exterior spaces, as well as the use of indoor/ outdoor learning opportunities. Through the blur between the built & natural environment, physical and visual vertical connections between levels, and a mixture of formal and informal learning spaces, the new ELC will become an ideal 21st century learning environment for the present day and the future. The ground plane of the site will act as a community “hub” creating strong links to the Neill St Reserve, and mirroring the morphologies of Rathdowne Street and Palmerston Street respectively, as a way of adding to it’s surrounding context and creating a sense of place-making and community for the residents of Carlton. Natural materials such as timber panelling will be used as exterior cladding broken up by over-scaled window box framing boxes to connect the interior and exterior environments as a strategy to distinguish the site from the social housing towers behind and reimage the school.

Atrium entry
Atrium child scale spaces
Tree patio nets
Quiet Nook
Child scale window box
Access to greenspace through corridors & transitional child scale space
South facing view from school oval
Access to greenspace in formal learning environments
Child scale stairs
Atrium: South
Ground Floor Plan
First Floor Plan
North Elevation
North Section
East Section
Existing building manipulation
Drummond + Palmerston corner

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