Just a few years in the future…

The world’s increasing fascination with technology has resulted in a screen-based society where all learning and communication happens solely online. Traditional university campuses have become obsolete. Efficiency is favoured over human interaction. Informal skills and social development have been drastically overlooked, and most of society has completely forgotten how to communicate without the aid of technology.

Globe Nodes have been implemented worldwide as a final effort by the United Nations to cease the imminent doom of humankind’s evolution into robots.

Globe Nodes are a series of floating modules that reject technology in order to promote human interaction and social development. Stimulating soft skills and informal communication proficiencies previously learnt during the early years of school, students journey on the Globe Nodes for one year after completing high school.

Using the ocean as means of transportation, the modules voyage around the globe linking together with modules from other countries, encouraging students to gain a genuine knowledge of other cultures as well as form lifelong bonds with people all around the globe, foregoing assumptions and stereotypes. This development of interpersonal skills plays a critical role in the evolution of humankind.

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