Educational Architecture as a Driver of Social Change
This thesis argues that educational architecture can be a driver of social change within a community. The redevelopment of Carlton Primary School will instigate social change through the introduction of development, equity, belonging, and emergent activity within the suburb of Carlton. Education as both a local and global driver will incorporate 21st century values through the parity of importance of both academic and emotional learning within a specific social, economic, and cultural context and reinforced by the physical environment. Maker Spaces, believed by the University of Melbourne to improve ‘liveability, attraction, and prosperity to enable future growth of the region’ will be introduced as sites for emergent activity and communities of practice, promoting the development of both the students and broader community. This will challenge current social stigmas and enable the school and subject site to be embraced by the suburb of Carlton not only due to it’s shared values but also the encouragement of the community to actively use the site as part of their daily routine. 

Rathdowne & Palmerston corner


Evolution Diagrams

North Section

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